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Current Members


Xun Jiao

Ph.D. Students

Dongning Ma

Richard (Ruixuan) Wang

Sizhe Zhang

Master Students

Lauren Scalice

Sean Lane

Bikal Lamichhane

Undergraduate Students

Caroline Maclaren

Oluwasola Dugbo (Villanova Match Research Program for First Year Students)

Kennedy Cornish (Clare Boothe Luce Engineering Scholars Program)

Duncan Smith (Villanova Undergraduate Research Fellows (VURF))

Shenda Huang (Villanova Match Research Program for First Year Students)

Xingjian Wang (Villanova Undergraduate Research Fellows (VURF))


Graduate Students

Mauro Sanchirico (Now research engineer at Lockheed Martin)

Undergraduate Students

Rahul Thapa

Andrew Osburn (Villanova Match Research Program for First Year Students)

Hongbo Sun (Now M.S. at CMU)

Siyu Shen (Now M.S. at Brown University)

Vu Tran (Now at: Embedded Firmware Engineer at Pergamon Corp)

Raymond Ogunjimi (Hoffman Trailblazer Summer Research Fellowship)

Breda Marie Brady, Austin Hunt, Jacod Bonanotte, Justin Apun. (Topic: IoT-based vision system assisting visually-impaired people (Sponsored by Cisco))

Kevin Key, William Brown, Anthony Etim, Jordan Pauls (Senior Capstone Project: Deep Learning on Hardware Accelerator)

Elyse Spinelli, Kevin Zachary, Kefan Han, Hongbo Sun (Senior Capstone Project: Exploring Hyperdimensional Computing-based Artificial Intelligence) (Brian Anderson Award)

Ian Birn, Caroline Maclaren, Benjamin Lucas, Andrew Osburn (L3Harris Innovation Project: NeuroLanguage: Brain-Inspired Computing for Language Recognition)